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After years of working with mold inspectors and remediators, our spore trap lab has designed a spore trap analysis report that better meets the needs of those who must explain the results to their clients. A thorough, clearly understood spore trap analysis is a key to serving your customers well. And, as we all know, quality customer service leads to repeat business and referrals.

In our report, the types of spores are identified as outside spores, inside/outside spores, or water related spores. In addition, our spore trap analysis includes the quantity and type of background particulate. This information is often useful in determining the nature of the problem your customer faces, and whether filtration, remediation, or environmental control provides the best solution. In addition to making it easier to determine the best remedy for a given situation, our report makes it easier to show the client why they need the services they need.

Standard turnaround time for a mold spore trap analysis is one day. In addition to fast turnaround and particulate identification, each of our reports includes a microphotograph with your spore trap analysis that clearly identifies what is in the sample. This is particularly supportive in showing your clients what they are breathing or when providing evidence in disputed matters. Showing a visual representation makes it considerably easier to explain the need for your services.

Though we strive to make mold spore trap analysis easy to understand, when the answers to your clients questions are not readily apparent, our microbiologist and remediation specialists can answer questions. Call 844-263-6103 or 770-938-4861 today or simply send your samples to our spore trap lab at 1543 Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd. Stone Mountain, Ga 30087.

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