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When significant health concerns exist, air samples alone are often not enough to determine all factors contributing to the concerns. Air Allergen’s mold testing laboratory is equipped to analyze bulk, swab, tape, and dust samples as well as air samples. Viable carpet dust analysis, in particular, offers insight that is not often revealed by other mold testing labs. Carpet dust samples offer three significant pieces of information that are not available from a mold spore trap lab that does not offer culture analysis. Carpet dust culturing offers a longer history, can identify viable spores to the species level, and can identify yeast and other organisms that impact the immune system.

This isn’t to say that a mold spore trap lab is without its uses, especially for ongoing testing. It is to say, however, that in most cases testing for mold using carpet dust samples provides information that other mold spore trap labs don’t. This is especially important for initial mold testing laboratory results or when dealing with, mold which may have been present for a long time. Analysis of bulk, swab and tape samples can also provide insight to help identify the cause and solution for health concerns. As a mold testing laboratory, Air Allergen has more experience understanding the implication of each sample than many other mold testing labs. Whether planning a sampling strategy or analyzing the results, Air Allergen’s mold testing laboratory can help you identify solutions. Contact our mold testing laboratory at 844-263-6103 or 770-938-4861 for a no obligation consultation or simply send your samples to 1543 Lilburn Stone Mountain Rd. Stone Mountain, Ga 30087

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