Inspector Opportunities

Air Allergen is expanding its inspection network. If you are an inspector or aspiring inspector with related experience, Air Allergen would like to discuss supporting you to do inspections in your market area. To provide support;

Air Allergen will advertise and provide a local phone number and/or an 800 number for potential customers to call toll free to Air Allergen’s offices;

Air Allergen will answer the calls, discuss the needs of the customers and set appointments during regular business hours for one or more of 4 time slots, 9:00, 11:00, 1:30 or 3:30, Monday through Friday, except for holidays. The Inspector will provide in advance, any scheduling conflicts or limits on availability;

Air Allergen will provide the Inspector with information concerning the scheduled appointment including the address, contact information, reason for the inspection, the type of structure, any reported health concerns, and the suggested sampling;

The Inspector will travel to the client’s location, perform an inspection using Air Allergen’s check list and inspection forms as outlined in its standard operating procedure, take appropriate samples, fill out the forms required for each area inspected and/or sampled including any notes or comments that the inspector deems relevant and necessary to understand the needs of the customer in order for Air Allergen to prepare a proper and complete report;

The Inspector will send any samples and completed forms along with a completed chain-of-custody to Air Allergen’s offices in Stone Mountain Ga within 1 day of the inspection. Air Allergen will analyze the samples, prepare and send a report to the client and discuss with the client any issues that may arise following the receipt of the report;

Air Allergen shall provide sampling supplies required for the inspections booked by Air Allergen at no cost to the Inspector, shall pay all shipping costs, and shall pay the inspector per inspection plus mileage charges for inspections beyond 40 miles from the Inspector’s place of origin as determined by mutual agreement.

To prevent any conflicts or interest, Inspector agrees not to provide any remediation or cleaning services recommended by Air Allergen for the clients whose appointment was booked by Air Allergen.

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