The more aware you are of the health hazards posed by the various types of mold, the more you are certain to want to make sure to have a thorough analysis performed by a competent mold testing lab.

With the ever increasing focus on mold, choosing the right mold testing lab to do your analysis is more important than ever. Air Allergen’s analysis of Air O Cell cassettes includes identification and quantification of viable and non-viable mold spores as well as airborne particulates such as cellulose, soil, gypsum, insulation fibers and skin cells.

Our Air O Cell lab team has analyzed tens of thousands of Air O Cells. Air Allergen’s reports are more comprehensive than most other Air O Cell labs and our years of experience make us a valuable resource for you when you need assistance interpreting the results of your samples.

Perhaps most importantly, the report you receive from our mold testing lab is delivered with you in mind, in language that is clear and easy to understand. If you have a mold problem, our Air O Cell lab team will not only identify the nature of the problem, but will offer sound advice on what steps need to be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem.

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