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Do you know that nearly 30 million commercial and residential buildings contain traces of a very dangerous matter known as asbestos? It was legal for construction in the 1970s because of its resilience to heat and other factors. However, it was banned because of its harmful effects on one’s health. Asbestos has been known to cause cancer and other forms of respiratory diseases. Companies that had their workers suffer from diseases are now paying compensation.If your air is contaminated with traces of asbestos, you cannot build a site without the state’s approval. Apart from asbestos, having any signs of contamination, toxins, allergens or mold in the air make the area a dangerous place for anyone. You cannot construct any building without a proper air quality inspection.

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous minerals you could be exposed to. Even though the use of asbestos has been banned in the United States since the 1970s, you still find many asbestos-containing materials.

Air Allergen is  one of the accredited air quality testing companies certified by the state authorities. We have been providing market-leading air testing services for over 15 years. Our professional staff uses the latest leading-edge air testing equipment. We find possible traces of asbestos fiber and file an accurate report on the results. Depending on how much your air is contaminated, your report will either be delivered quickly or may take a little bit of time. Either way, we ensure that the results are 100% accurate and help you take decisive action quickly.


The lab we use has been accredited by NVLAP for analysis of bulk samples. The most common methods used to analyze the asbestos samples, are Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and the EPA method. 

When asbestos is detected with a percentage of 1 to 2%, we run a second test for a more accurate point count. Other labs might charge you more for that second test, we do it at no additional charge because we truly care about the well being of you and your family. 

Don’t put your health and those around you at risk, let us inspect your property, take samples of the suspicious materials and examine them in the lab.


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We Offer Professional Testing For the Following in the state of Georgia:

  • Homeowners that want to make sure they are safe from asbestos exposure
  • Houses or commercial building that need to be remodeled or demolished
  • Contractors that want to make sure their workers are not at risk
  • When needing to compile with federal government procedures


When planning a remodelling or demolishing a property, you need to make sure it is asbestos-free. Even when you get the best inspectors, having the right tools and equipment is essential, a modern lab like the one we use at Air Allergen & Mold Testing gives precise information and percentages of asbestos from the samples the inspector takes. 

We follow a detailed procedure that helps us verify the presence of any asbestos traces in the air and allows you to take quick action before building anything or renovating an old site. Considering how dangerous asbestos can be, it is imperative that you first get your site tested and then build or renovate anything else.

  1.   Placement of the Request

You have to place the request to get your air tested. You can contact us on our website to place the order.

  1.   Collection of Samples

Our qualified team will arrive as soon as possible. We generally arrive within two days after you have placed your request. We inspected the property thoroughly and collected a few samples. The number of samples taken depends on several factors, such as

  •         Purpose of asbestos inspection
  •         Quantity of asbestos materials
  •       State’s regulations (determine the minimum amount of asbestos samples collected)
  1.   Samples Are Sent to Lab

After our professionals have collected the samples, they are sent to the lab for proper testing purposes. We maintain a commercial lab that is accredited by NVLAP. We can analyze both bulk samples and small samples, depending on your site and the possible contamination. We employ effective methods such as using polarized light and the EPA method for the proper identification of asbestos fiber traces.

  1.   Report on the Samples

We are sending you a detailed report about the possible contamination. It contains the sample analysis along with other astute observations. We also give possible recommendations on how to deal with the situation and ensure quality breathing air.

Why is Asbestos Inspection Important?

Asbestos was a construction material used extensively in construction. It displayed remarkable resilience against heat and extreme temperatures. It was legalized to be used in construction in the 1970s. However, the material had a severely harmful impact. Breathing the traces of asbestos led to respiratory disease. Not to mention, the material can cause a type of cancer. Considering how asbestos is present in over 30 million buildings in various states, it is important to get your air inspected before you build a house or a building or renovate an old site.

  • Asbestos in Georgia

Georgia is one of those states where there are many natural formations of asbestos. Apart from that, it was also used as construction material in the old days. As a result, Georgia has quite a number of sites that contain traces of asbestos.

  • Asbestos is Harmful to Health

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous health hazards posed by asbestos. It can cause cancerous diseases as well as many respiratory issues. If you want to ensure a safe cleaning space for your building or site, you will want to get the air quality tested and get traces of asbestos removed as soon as possible.

  • Required by the State

As required by the state of Georgia, you are required to undergo a proper inspection of the site and ensure that the site you are renovating or building your property on is safe and doesn’t contain traces of asbestos fiber 

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