Asbestos Inspections

When remodeling or demolishing a house, most of the states require an asbestos inspection to clear the area from any danger.

Asbestos is conformed by a group of minerals, and exposure to it can be very dangerous as it provokes numerous illnesses like a type of cancer called Mesothelioma. Since the 1970s asbestos use has been regulated, but it can still be found in many construction materials for its resistance properties to heat and for being an excellent electrical insulator.

That’s why for your safety and the workers, you should perform asbestos inspections. At Air Allergen & Mold Testing we count with certified asbestos inspectors, as the state dictates all our inspectors take an annual refresher course to maintain the certification. We have the experience and technologies to detect asbestos even from the most complicated places.



  1. Time to take the samples: Our inspectors can typically inspect the property and collect samples within 2 business days of receiving the request.
  2. Number of samples taken: Depending on the state’s regulations, the purpose of the asbestos inspection, and the quantity of containing asbestos materials is the number of samples the inspector will take.
  3. Samples are sent to the lab:We work with a commercial laboratory that has been accreditated by NVLAP for analysis of bulk samples by Polarized Light, and the EPA method is the most commonly used to identify asbestos.
  4. Report if given:We end the inspection with a detail report, containing lab data analysis, and the observations of the inspector, as well as recommendations about the proper way to dispose of the asbestos-containing materials found.


We are the preferred company in the area, not only for our expertise but also for the customer experience we provide. We will keep you informed along the way and our inspectors are also always ready to answer your questions.

Unlike other companies that might conform with low percentage results or charge you more for a second analysis, if the samples taken by our asbestos inspector contain between 1 and 2% we resubmit them for more accurate information with a point count analysis, free of charge.


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