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When we receive your air sample cassettes or surface sample tape/swabs, we remove the glass slide containing the air sample, and digitally scan it using whole slide image scanners that contain powerful microscope lenses.

This produces the digital images that we send to the AI.

Our AI then identifies and counts mold spores. We quantify air particulates. Our algorithms are taught using hundreds of thousands of images that industry experts have identified (it’s like having multiple mycologist experts analyzing every one of your samples).

Once these images are extracted, the AI algorithms classify the mold samples into different categories or species. This classification is typically based on a trained model that has learned to recognize patterns associated with different types of mold from over tens of thousands of customers.

One of our analysts then confirms the results and generates your report.

Air Allergen Artificial Intelligence analyzes 100% of samples in just minutes thanks to our AI algorithm over the past 5 years.





Air Allergen & Mold Testing Inc. grew from a 1999 project in Houma, Louisiana where employees of an insurance company sued the landlord alleging that mold in their work area was making them ill. Richard Johnson, the future founder of Air Allergen was asked to investigate the claim and offer an opinion as to its validity. As part of the investigation, legal and health considerations were studied, and samples were taken and analyzed. As a result of the analysis, the claims were believed to be unfounded, an opinion that was subsequently consistent with the court rulings.

Following this experience, a chance conversation with Monna Thompson, a friend of the founder with a degree in microbiology, resulted in the formation of Air Allergen & Mold Testing, Inc. to bring the information and sampling capability learned in Louisiana to Atlanta. Monna Thompson remained the primary employee until 2006, when she left to continue her education and Richard Johnson returned from serving FEMA and the State of Mississippi as the Mitigation Disaster Relief Center Coordinator following Hurricane Katrina.




Who we are


In 2007, Air Allergen asked Vivian Barrios, a fellow FEMA Disaster Assistance Employee to assist in administrative work. In 2008, Michael Medley joined the company followed by William McLean and John Buie in 2009. John Buie’s expertise included asbestos inspections, and asbestos inspections were added to the menu of services provided by Air Allergen. In 2010, Richard Billups, a microbiologist, and Lab Coordinator at EMSL Analytical Atlanta Lab, joined Air Allergen, enabling Air Allergen to establish its own laboratory and expand its work into other states as it processed samples for other inspectors in addition to Air Allergen. Richard Billups was instrumental in developing Air Allergen’s knowledge of how background particulate in the air and dust samples from carpets help in understanding the condition of the indoor air and the influence it has on the health of the occupants.

Through the years, Air Allergen has also been supported by part-time help and outside contractors, bridging the times when the business required additional help but did not have enough seasonal work to justify a full-time employee. In early 2014, Air Allergen’s inspection capacity increased when joined by Tim Gordineer, who assists in both inspections and lab analysis. Today Air Allergen & Mold Testing, Inc. provides inspection and sample analysis to hundreds of customers in Atlanta and elsewhere, including government agencies, contractors, indoor air quality inspectors, businesses, realtors, property managers, homeowners, and tenants. Samples that require analysis other than what Air Allergen’s lab provides are sent to one of several supporting labs here and in other parts of the country. Air Allergen’s internally developed software provides a seamless path between the client’s call and inspection report. Its database includes the results of thousands of inspections and sample results, providing invaluable information to help its customers make informed decisions about their indoor air quality.